"Just Love"

Just Love
Posted on 11/22/2019
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Back in April 2019, Sr. Micheline Lattouf, a Good Shepherd Sister from Lebanon, was visiting Sr. Debbie, Executive Director of Collier Youth Services, Sr. Fran, and Sr. Virginia. During her stay, she visited the Collier Group Home where she shared stories about the 40 children, ages 5-17 that live in their community home. Most of these children have lost their parents to war or are refugees. After listening to Sr. Micheline, the Group Home girls decided to reach out to the girls in Lebanon to let them know they were thinking of them. So over the past several months, under the guidance of Nancy Nicholas, Collier Group Home Treatment Counselor, they made bracelets adorned with a charm with an encouraging word on it attached with personal messages of support and love written on hand-made cards. A few months later, Sr. Hanan Yousseff, a Good Shepherd Sister from Lebanon came for a visit. She and Sr. Debbie stopped by the Group Home to share the news that the girls in Lebanon were already feeling the love. “Making those bracelets for the girls made me feel genuinely happy and proud of myself and those around me. Although it's not the most impressive thing, the bracelets were a way for us to say to the girls, ‘we know what you’re going through and we want to make you as happy as possible.’ I felt so honored to hear Sr. Hanan story and to know that the youth would be so thrilled to receive our small gifts. My absolute favorite thing to do is make others smile. Knowing that they will smile when receiving the bracelet makes me content. Listening to Sr. Hanan story made me realize how fortunate us kids are. I'm so thankful I got this opportunity,” stated Shameeka, a resident at Collier Group Home. This is just another example of how we embody St. Mary Euphrasia’s “Just Love” mission.
Collier Group Home Residents Make Bracelets for Lebanon refugees